Project Structure

As shown in the figure below, the consortium has (hierarchically) broken down the project in work packages (WPs).

The methodology chosen for the OPENCOSS project is solely focused on creating a platform that 1) works as intended (validated by WP3) and 2) can be used as intended (validated by WP1). WP2 defines the global architecture and coordinates the design of the OPENCOSS building blocks.


In the technical development WP group, each WP will initially analyse and consolidate existing technology that the partners bring into the project, facilitate consolidation by defining a set of requirements, and design the architecture.

WP4 will specify and implement the common certification language (CCL) to be used by WPs 5 and 6. WPs 4-5 are more focused on conceptual and architectural work. WPs 6-7 are more centred on tool development but also have important conceptual and research work.

WP9 will create material and organise events to share OPENCOSS knowledge and HOWTOs within the consortium and with external parties. WP8 is more concerned with managing the OPENCOSS External Advisory Board and on creating a strong community for OPENCOSS adoption, as well as with collaborating with technological networks/projects and addressing relevant standardisation work. WP10 has the sole objective of ensuring coherent project execution.