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OPENCOSS is an European large scale integrating FP7 project dedicated to produce the first European-wide open safety certification platform: an Open Platform for EvolutioNary Certification Of Safety-critical Systems for the railway, avionics and automotive markets.

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Meeting European projects on safety for cross-domain applications

Held on January 31st, 2012 (14h-18h) - Toulouse, France. Several European projects address safety certification/qualification for cross domain applications. Although each of these projects has its own specific goals, it seems clear that cross fertilization potential between those projects is important hence our suggestion to meet together. CG2E and CISEC have recently invite OPENCOSS to meet, share and set up appropriate means coordination means for best synergy and efficiency.


New deliverables and publication

Februari 1st: two new deliverables and a new publication are available.


Deliverables available

Three more project deliverables are available for download.



The Babel Tower of the so many different approaches to embedded systems safety is now under attack - at least for the transportation domains including avionics, railway and automotive.



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